DLI 4-7

In this lesson, read through the information for each character. In your character notebook, draw a picture or cartoon of the story that will help you remember the character. Then take the quiz.


sort of thing
月 + 犬 + 灬
body part + small dog + cooking fire

hot dog sort of thing


laugh [v.]
⺮ + 夭yāo
bamboo + die young

"In this contest, the team who gets the most laughs performing a skit about bamboo causing premature death will win." (Camp Bamboo)

laughing panda with squinted eyes, no bamboo, so he dies young

cry [v.]
吅 + 犬
chatterbox + small dog

dog howling

chatterbox Pekingese brings tears of rage to your eyes

dread [v.]
忄 + 白
meme + white

meme of a white face represents dread


里 + 灬
computer + cooking fire

burnt computer is black


亻 + 旦dàn
persona + daybreak

your persona planned on getting up at daybreak, however

However, Dan at dawn...

picture [n.]
囗 + 冬
enclose + winter

framed winter scene

when enclosed in the winter, draw pictures


亦 + 又
dancing penguin + right hand

This dancing penguin changes his stick from his right hand to his left.


turn into
刀 + 戊
knife + cannon

When does a knife fight turn into a cannon fight? When a bully becomes president.

DLI 4-7


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