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Lisa Crawford has taught beginning Chinese to students of all ages who have come from many learning environments—K-12, homeschool, university, military and government. She's lived, learned and worked in mainland China and Taiwan for a total of 10+ years. Her passion is deconstructing Chinese characters to make them accessible and memorable for her students. Her own Chinese language journey, of almost 30 years, has traversed print and digital, traditional and simplified, student and teacher. She hasn't been able to stop thinking about the best way to learn this fascinating language!


How are Chinese characters typically taught?
What is the Chinese Character Coach’s method for learning Chinese characters?
How is this dictionary different from the character breakdowns in other Chinese dictionaries?
Didn’t the people at Outlier already create a dictionary like this?
But, aren’t you teaching “false etymologies”? 
Would you say your method is the Heisig method?
What are some other good resources for learning Chinese?

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