DLI 3-2

In this lesson, read through the information for each character. In your character notebook, draw a picture or cartoon of the story that will help you remember the character. Then take the quiz.


advance [v.]
井jǐng + 辶
well + road

advance from well to well on the road

"Advance to the Well: As extended families attempt to stay together on the road, often messages are left for those who will follow behind. An example: “Advance to the Well.” (1930's On the Road)


call [v.]
口 + 丩jiū
mouth + horn

use mouth on the horn to call out

“His first horn was a straight one, just meant for callin’ the troops.” (Trumpeter Wu)


once more
一 + 冂 + 土
one + hood + soil

If I have to ask you once more…pick up your hoodie from the soil!


目 + 儿
eye + human legs

見 is the traditional character of 见, showing that when you see something, it's like your eyes arrive there


口 + 丨
mouth + stick

a stick goes through the middle of something


囗 + 玉
enclose + jade

country’s wealth (jade) is enclosed, crown jewels protected


羊 + 大
sheep + large

in pastoral societies, nothing is more beautiful than a large sheep

start up
走 + 己jǐ
walk + snake

You are tying your shoe and see a snake. You start up quickly and walk away with your friend.

Cherokee legend of the boy walking up the mountain and the rattlesnake who asked to go with him: "You knew what I was when you started up."


冖 + 与
crown + offer/slingshot

written offer of marriage from the crown

"The Crown Prince is learning to write at a desk, but his slingshot is underneath." (Royal Family)

DLI 3-2


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